Mobilization, Transport, Deposition

Edited by

Christer Morales - Swedish Natural Science Research Council
Ecological Research Committee, Stockholm, Sweden

Papers and Recommendations from a Workshop held in Gothenburg, Sweden, 25-28 April 1977

Published on behalf of the

Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment (SCOPE)

of the

International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU)


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Introduction and Aims of the Workshop
The Three Important Processes Involved
Participants in the Workshop


(a) General Description and Ecology

Chapter 1 - Review of the North African Climate with Particular Emphasis on the Production of Eolian Dust in the Sahel Zone and in the Sahara - J. Dubief
Chapter 2 - The Importance of Mineral Dust as an Atmospheric Constituent - C. Junge
Chapter 3 - Ecology and Dust Transport - B Lundholm

(b) Mobilization

Chapter 4 - Environmental Factors Affecting Dust Emission by Wind Erosion - D.A. Gillette

(c) Transport

Chapter 5 - The African Dust Plume: Its Characteristics and Propagation Across West Africa in Winter - A.E. Kalu
Chapter 6 - The Use of Meteorological Observations for Studies of the Mobilization, Transport, and Deposition of Saharan Soil Dust - C. Morales
Chapter 7 - The Tropospheric Circulation Over Africa and its Relation to the Global Tropospheric Circulation - R.E. Newell and J.W. Kidson
Chapter 8 - Monitoring Saharan Aerosol Transport by Means of Atmospheric Turbidity Measurements - J.M. Prospero, D.L. Savoie, T.N. Carlson, and R.T. Nees
Chapter 9 - East Mediterranean Trajectories of Dust-carrying Storms from the Sahara and Sinai - D.H. Yaalon and E. Ganor

(d) Monitoring and Deposition

Chapter 10 - Saharan Dust Sedimentation in the Western Mediterranean Sea - K.G. Eriksson
Chapter 11 - The Use of Moss-bags in Aerosol Monitoring - G.T. Goodman, M.J. Inskip, S. Smith, G.D.R. Parry, and M.A.S. Burton
Chapter 12 - Monitoring and Critical Review of the Estimated Source Strength of Mineral Dust from the Sahara - R. Jaenicke
Chapter 13 - Long-range Impact of Desert Aerosol on Atmospheric Chemistry: Two Examples - K.A. Rahn, R.D. Borys, G.E. Shaw, L. Schutz, and R. Jaenicke
Chapter 14 - Sahara Dust Transport Over the North Atlantic Ocean - Model Calculations and Measurements - L. Schutz
Chapter 15 - A Possible Method for the Sampling of Saharan Dust - B. Steen
Chapter 16 - Techniques for Measuring Dry Deposition. Summary of WMO Expert Meeting on Dry Deposition, April 18-22, 1977, Gothenburg - B. Steen