The Global Biogeochemical
Sulphur Cycle

Edited by

M.V. Ivanov - Institute of Biochemistry and Physiology of Microorganisms,
USSR Academy of Sciences, Pushchino-on-Oka, USSR


J.R. Freney - CSIRO Division of Plant Industry, Canberra, Australia

Associate Editors

I.E. Galbally - CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Physics, Mordialloc, Australia

H. Rodhe - Department of Meteorology, University of Stockholm, Sweden

V.N. Kudeyarov - Institute of Agrochemistry and Soil Science, USSR Academy of Sciences,
Pushchino-on-Oka, USSR

Yu. I. Sorokin - Institute of Oceanology, Gelendzhik, USSR

T.A. Rafter, Wellington, New Zealand

P.A. Trudinger, Baas Becking Geobiological Laboratory, Canberry, Australia

Published on behalf of the

Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment (SCOPE)

of the

International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU)


John Wiley & Sons

Chichester, New York, Brisbane, Toronto


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Title Pages
Table of Contents
Foreword - J.W.M. La Riviere
Authors and Participants

Chapter 1 - Principal Reactions of the Global Biogeochemical Cycle of Sulphur - V.A. Grinenko and M.V. Ivanov

Chapter 2 - The Sulphur Cycle in the Lithosphere
Part I - Reservoirs - A.A. Migdisov, A.B. Ronov and V.A. Grinenko
Part II - Cycling- A. Yu. Lein

Chapter 3 - The Sulphur Cycle in Soil - J.R. Freney and C.H. Williams

Chapter 4 - The Atmospheric Sulphur Cycle - A.G. Ryaboshapko

Chapter 5 - The Sulphur Cycle in Continental Reservoirs
Part I - The Sulphur Cycle in Lakes and Continental Reservoirs - M.V. Ivanov
Part II - Sulphur Flux From Continents to Oceans - M.V. Ivanov, V.A. Grinenko and A.P. Rabinovich

Chapter 6 - The Sulphur Cycle in Oceans
Part I - Reservoirs and Fluxes - I.I. Volkov and A.G. Rozanov
Part II - The Mass-Isotopic Balance of Sulphur in Oceanic Sediments - A.Yu. Lein, V.A. Grinenko and A.A. Migdisov

Chapter 7 - Major Fluxes of the Global Biogeochemical Cycle of Sulphur - M.V. Ivanov