Carbon Cycle Modelling

Edited by:

Bert Bolin - Department of Meteorology, University of Stockholm, Sweden

Published on behalf of the:

Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment (SCOPE)

of the

International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU)

in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme


Chichester, New York, Brisbane, Toronto,

Copyright 1981: Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment (SCOPE)

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Title Pages
Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Carbon Cycle Modelling - B. Bolin, C.D. Keeling, R.B. Bacastow, A. Bjorkstrom and U. Siegenthaler

Chapter 2. Comparison of Ocean Models for the Carbon Cycle - R.B. Bacastow and A. Bjorkstrom

Chapter 3. Standardization of Notations and Procedures

Chapter 4. Data for Carbon Cycle Model Testing
Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentration and the Observed Airborne Fraction
R. B. Bacastow and C.D. Keeling

The CO2 Content of the Upper Polar Troposphere between 1963-1979 - W. Bischof

The CSIRO (Australia) Atmospheric CO2 Monitoring Program - G.I. Pearman

Data for Global CO2 Production from Fossil Fuels and Cement - R.M. Rotty

13C/12C of Industrial CO2 - P. Tans

A Compilation of Bomb 14C Data for Use in Global Carbon Model Calculations - P. Tans

Supplement to the Alkalinity and Total Carbon Dioxide Concentration in the World Oceans - T. Takahashi, W.S. Broecker and A.E. Bainbridge

GEOSECS Atlantic and Pacific 14C Distribution - M. Stuiver, H.G. Ostlund and T.A. McConnaughey

Chapter 5. Contributions by Conference Participants
A Strategy for the Development of an Improved Model for the Uptake of Fossil Fuel CO2 by the Ocean
- W.S. Broecker and T.-H. Peng

A Global Atmospheric Diffusion Simulation Model for Atmospheric Carbon Studies -
G.I. Pearman and P. Hyson

Hemispheric Airborne Fractions Difference and the Hemospheric Exchange Time -
R.B. Bacastow and C.D. Keeling

Pioneer Effect Correction to the Observed Airborne Fraction - R.B. Bacastow and C.D. Keeling

13C/12C Fractionation during CO2 Transfer from Air to Sea - U. Siegenthaler and K.O. Munnich

Carbon Dioxide in the Ocean Surface Layer: Some Modelling Considerations -
E.T. Sundqvist and L.N. Plummer

The Alkalinity and Total Carbon Dioxide Concentration in the World Oceans -
T. Takahashi, W.S. Broecker and A.E. Brainbridge

A Box-Diffusion Carbon Cycle Model with Upwelling, Polar Bottom Water Formation and a Marine Biosphere - M.I. Hoffert, A.J. Callegari and Ching-Tzong Hsieh

Dynamics of the Surface Ocean-Deep Sea Carbon Exchange in its Relation to the Atmosphere-Surface Ocean Exchange - G.H. Kohlmaier

Steady State and Response Charcteristics of a Simple Model of the Carbon Cycle -
B. Bolin

Turnover Time in Grassland and Forest Soils as Indicated by Radiocarbon Measurements - B.J. O'Brien

Modelling the Circulation of Carbon in the World's Terrestrial Ecosystems -
W.R. Emanuel, G.G. Killough and J.S. Olson

The Global Role of the Biosphere in the Stabilization of Atmospheric CO2 and Temperature - Yu. M. Svirezhev and A.M. Tarko

A Simple Model for Analysis of the Role of Terrestrial Ecosystems in the Global Carbon Budget - B.Moore, R.D. Boone, J.E. Hobbie, R.A. Houghton, J.M. Melillo, B.J. Peterson, G.R. Shaver, C.J. Vorosmarty and G.M. Woodwell