Appraisal of Tests to Predict
the Environmental
Behaviour of Chemicals

Edited by

Patrick Sheehan - Division of Biological Sciences, National Research Council of Canada,
Onawa, Canada

Friedhelm Korte
Werner Klein - Gesellschaft fur Strahlen- und Umweltforschung mbH, Institut fur Okologische
Chemie, Neuherberg, West Germany


Philippe Bourdeau - Directorate General of Science, Research and Development,
Commission of the European Communities, Brussels, Belgium

Published on behalf of the

Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment (SCOPE)

of the

International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU)


John Wiley & Sons

Chichester, New York, Brisbane, Toronto, Singapore


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Title Pages
Table of Contents
List of Contributors
Chapter 1. The Role and Nature of Environmental Testing Methods - F. Korte, W. Klein, and
P. Sheehan

Chapter 2. Behaviour of Chemicals in the Atmosphere
2.1 Background for the Examination of Chemical Processes in the Atmosphere - I. Barnes, F. Zabel,
and D. Perner
2.2 Atmospheric Chemistry - D. Perner
2.3 Degradation in the Gas Phase - I. Barnes and F. Zabel
2.4 Degradation in the Liquid and Adsorbed Phase - H. Parlar and D. Kotzias
2.5 Test Methods for Abiotic Degradability - D. Kotzias and H. Parlar

Chapter 3. Behaviour of Chemicals in Water, Sediments, and Soil
3.1 Abiotic Chemical Changes in Water - M. Hulpke and R. Wilmes
3.2 Sediments - I. Scheunert
3.3 Soil Systems - F.P.W. Winteringham

Chapter 4. Prediction, Transformation, Degradation, and Accumulation of Chemicals in Biota
4.1 Biotransformation Processes - W. Klein and I. Scheunert
4.2 Degradation by Microorganisms in Soil and Water - R. Cabridenc
4.3 Modelling of Biotic Uptake - J.R. Roberts and J.T. McGarrity
4.4 Accumulation in Aquatic Organisms - W. Ernst
4.5 Bioaccumulation in Terrestrial Food Chains - F. Moriarty

Chapter 5. Predicting the Movement of Chemicals Between Environmental Compartments
(air-water-soil-biota) - I. Scheunert and W. Klein

Chapter 6. Regulatory Needs for Tests to Predict the Behaviour of Environmental Chemicals -
F. Schmidt-Bleek

Chapter 7. Conclusions and Recommendations - F. Korte